Eudyptes sclateri

Il pinguino crestato maggiore (Eudyptes sclateri Buller, 1888), o semplicemente pinguino crestato, è un uccello della famiglia Spheniscidae, endemico della . The erect-crested penguin (Eudyptes sclateri) is a penguin known only from New Zealan where it breeds on the Bounty and Antipodes Islands, although .

Find out what’s known about Erect-crested Penguins, Eudyptes sclateri, Aves, Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding . Erect-crested penguins are perhaps some of the most mysterious of all penguin species. This species is one of the largest of the crested penguins and shares . Justification This species is classified as Endangered because its population is estimated to have declined very rapidly over the last three generations, and it is . A taxonomic species within the family Spheniscidae – the erect-crested penguin.

Eudyptes sclateri breed on the Antipodes and Bounty Islands with smaller numbers observed to breed on the Auckland and Campbell Islands. Breeding; Movements; Status and conservation; Bibliography. Erect-crested Penguin (Eudyptes sclateri) . An unusual influx of Snares crested penguins (Eudyptes robustus) on the Chatham Islands, with a review of other crested . Erect-crested Penguins – Eudyptes sclateri: Penguins and Penguin Conservation. Official web site of the International Penguin Conservation Work Group, . Eudyptes sclateri: Subantarctic New Zealand and Australian waters. FWS’s Threatened Endangered Species System track information about listed species in the United States. The Erect-crested Penguin (Eudyptes sclateri) is a penguin from New Zealand.

It breeds on the Bounty and Antipodes Islands. Pinterest works best if you switch to our Android-friendly app. Familia: Spheniscidae Genus: Eudyptes Species: Eudyptes sclateri.